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Yoga  & Meditation Teacher & Community Curator.

It has always been my calling to reach a large community of individuals offering an alternative space to realign, ground, connect and come home to.  That is why I founded The Desert.  An online collective space that is accessible, consistent, and supportive.  A community to help individuals dive deep into their own practice.  A practice that can be developed to best suit their life at this very moment.   A space that allows people to recognize the power they have to create their own reality.  A place of empowerment.   


I am a mother to two inspiring little humans, a HATHA yoga teacher, and a neuroscience enthusiast.  Drawn to sharing the science-backed information surrounding these practices in order for individuals to understand the power they encompass.    I am Inspired to reach & guide a large community of individuals by connecting them to a powerful and dedicated Yoga, breathing, and Meditation practice.  It is this very practice that I commit myself to every day.


I help guide others into a similar space that is co-designed by the individual to best fit their life.  Whether you are chasing after little ones or flying around the world running your company, developing a practice will give you space to define the life you want. Ensuring your system moves into a coherent state and finds homeostasis.  We offer the tools needed to help you establish a dedicated yoga and meditation practice which ultimately re-programs the body, mind and breath.


I currently run a private practice in Calgary.

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